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In April, 2010, these are the number of searches in Google for relaxation and stress relief products...

Meditation CD:

Relaxation Video: 14,800

Guided Meditation: 135, 000

Healing CD:

Stress Management:

Stress Relief:

Relaxation Techniques:

Now, you can reach this extensive global market with your own Private Label products, creating new profit sources...without all the legwork to get it up and running.

  • Your Own 'BRANDED' CD's For Less Than $1
  • Share Your Products As Often As You Like
  • Personalized, Professionally Produced Digital Media Products
  • 'Done-For-You' And 'DIY' Options




























































It's easy to join and get started...

There are two ways for your to get immediate access to your own products, and these are designed to suit how much you would like to do yourself, and how much you'd like us to do for you.

Read about the options below to choose which is the best fit for you...


Option Number 1:  The 'Hands-Free CD'.

   >> Quickstart to your own recordings WITHOUT learning any new skills

>> Capitalise on your therapy by translating to a new, digital medium

With this option, we'll produce 2 CD's for you, so you get your product range up and running quickly, and with no learning curve for you.  An easy to follow checklist is provided, so once again, absolutley nothing is left for you to figure out.

We suggest one CD is a 'Business Card CD' and the second is a themed product - such as - Anxiety Relief (or a topic based on your therapies).  You can write the scripts yourself, or select from the pre-written scripts that you'll have access to.

The only thing you may need is a microphone (approx value $30), but we'll be giving you recommendations on what to get.  If you're a MAC user, the built-in microphone should suffice.

Here's how the "Hands-Free CD" production works...we connect remotely to your computer and setup the recording software.  After some short tests, to make sure the quality is all OK, we record your voice as you speak the scripts. Ninety minutes of recording time is allocated for the two CD's - generally an introduction and upto 2 other scripts (per CD).

We then (using our remote connection) transfer the audio to our studio for editing and mixing with background music.

To complete the CD (upto 70  minutes of audio) we suggest music tracks from your member's area that complement the theme.  Once you have approved the final recordings and mixes, we design the CD artwork, using images from the member's area, and after your approval, we then 'master' the CD and upload it to the manufacturing facility so you can order it anytime you like. 

Manufactured copies are $2.95 each (about $3.50 delivered), and take around 4 days to be deliverd to your door.  There are no minimum order quantities.

As bonuses for using this service, we also produce a video promotion for each CD, that we setup on your own 'youtube' channel - enhancing and widening your internet presence and exposure - once again, saving yout the learning curve on video creation.

Your first month's membership to The Chill Sessions is also included.  After the initial CD's are produced, you have complete access to all the content and coaching materials, and your computer is setup ready for you to record.  If you'd prefer us to create further CD's for you, you can  take advantage of continued discounts available to members.

This is a very cost and time effective solution to getting your own brand of digital products quickly and professionally.

This package is valued at $939 (based on our studio and production fees) however significant discounts apply to your membership.

And as stated in the informational videos, this option is 100% Money-Back Guaranteed.  You can decide at any point prior to mastering of the CD to cancel, and receive a complete refund -
meaning all the risk lies with us.

"This is like having my own Magic Genie.  The work you've done on my CD's is wonderful, I can't believe how good they sound.  And the artwork for the cover is fantastic. Everything else is perfect. Thanks sooo much".  Michele Downey, CA

"My husband was amazed that it was my voice and how good they sounded. It's like you worked magic with what you had.  Again, thanks so much for your assistance and patience."
Cindy L'abbe, FL

Your investment for the production of the two CD's and two videos is $249.

Then monthly subscription and access to the entire membership (including resell license)
is just $59 per month.

No long term contracts, you can cancel your
subscription at any time.

To get started with your
"Hands-Free CD TWIN PACK"

products please click the button below...

Option number 2: The Gold Monthly Membership.

With this level of membership, you'll have unlimited access to all the content, coaching and newsletters, along with the updated additions to the content library each month.

View the tutorial videos that cover all aspects of product creation and begin to make your own, or you can order the DFY (done for you) themed CD's ready for you to place your own branding label on them. />
Complete support and coaching is available.  The subscription is $59 per month - with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee in the first 30 days - even if you sell some products.  After that, you can cancel at anytime.

To To begin your Gold Level Membership click the button below...

  • Your Own 'BRANDED' CD's For Less Than $1
  • Share Your Products As Often As You Like
  • Personalized, Professionally Produced
    Digital Media Products

  • 'Done-For-You' And 'DIY' Options

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