On This Page You'll See Some Samples Of Member's CD's, And Example Of The Audio And Video Content You'll Be Able To Use For Your Own Products... 

Member examples...

Member: Naomi Bauer, 'Peaceful Garden' CD Introduction

(click the 'play' arrow to listen)

Naomi's back cover of the CD...


Member: Michele Downey 'Mother Earth Meditations' CD, Track 1

(click the 'play' arrow to listen)

Michele's back cover of the CD...


Member: Mardi Dunbar 'Mindful Monk' CD, Introduction

Mardi's front cover of the CD...


Music Examples From The Content Vault...

Set back-to-back, you have about 30 CD's woth of music and spoken word recordings to use.  These are just short, preview samples...

Dolphin Ride

Lush synthesiser floats on the waves


Vibraphone with synthesiser

Time to Think

Piano, cello and strings

Ghost Gums

Piano melody over soft vocal, bass and drums

The Shore

Lush vocal sound with guitar and backing


Spoken Word Examples From The Content Vault...

A variety of visualizations and meditations for stress relief, relaxation, pain mamangement, etc.  Scripts are also provided, so you can record the pieces in your own voice if desired.

Anxiety Release (US)

North American female presentation of the 'Anxiety' meditation

Awareness Breathing

This is a great stress relief and relaxation meditation with focussed breathing.

Meditation Sampler (US)

North American female presentation of the 'Meditation Sampler'


Video Examples From The Content Vault...

You can use these videos 'as is' or add your own introductions and use them in your product range.  You can make DVD's or files that can be watched on computers or ipodds/iphones.

Videos come in 10 minute and 3 minute versions, and are based around beautiful, relaxaing locations.  'Themed' 3 minute versions are also supplied, such as the 'Worry' example below.

"Emerald Lake" - a beautiful lake in the Rockies, Canada.  'Serenity'


"Dutch Lake" - 'Stop Worrying'