A Selection Of Testimonials On File From Members...

"Hope your Christmas was great, Glenn!  I really enjoyed the e-book and will use it again and again!  I took today to create a video of my own!  I am so excited and proud of it. 

I used Pure Drift as background and was unsure how to credit you - Glenn and Geoff, my Aussie buds, The Chill Sessions.  Anyway, gave credit because credit is certainly due.  You have me feeling pretty confident about my business in the coming year. Take a look at my video and let me know what you think- I created my own commercial!  Take care and talk to you soon," Delee D'Arcy

more from Delee...

"I just checked the clock and it is ....11:18 p.m. in Sydney and I wanted to be among the first to wish you both a Very Happy 2009!  Both of you have been a tremendous influence in my world over the past 2 years and I am so happy to be connected with you and your wonderful product:  The Chill Sessions. 

I feel more energized this year towards my business and have some really great ideas to expand it.  In this current moment as you see the New Year before I do (relief that we'll have a new year, you know!) I feel relaxed in the midst of so many ideas about how to bring peace and calm to both myself and my clients!

Thank you so much and I look forward to another year of working with you.
best to you both". Delee D'Arcy

"Thank you for your brilliant services... they have been wonderful!"  Patti Meneffee

"Whoo hooo! the four cds have arrived. I've been dare-devilling it and listening to them while driving around--observer, not participant. 

Enjoying the cds, thinking about how to use them." Margaretha  Hoek

"You make this fun and exciting.  You're not like other people.  The newsletter is funny and a real highlight.  I've kept them all.  You give so much and are inspiring.  I never thought I'd be able to have CD's, but you've made it possible."  Patricia Wynne

"Hello Geoff & Glenn, I just wanted to let you guys know that I listen to the Breathe CD from the DFY pack and love how it lowers my stress and anxiety levels. 

Recently, I was scheduled to have a couple of MRI’s done and since I am claustrophobic I was not looking forward to it. I found a facility that allowed me to bring my own “music” and listen to it during the test. I choose my 'Breathe' CD and I have to tell you that I was so relaxed through the procedure.

It was truly amazing how easy it was for me to relax and I was so calm. (They even said I moved during part of test, which was just my muscles relaxing even more as I focused on my breathing).

Just wanted to say thank you for what you guys are doing! That CD is a life saver!

Take care, Kristy Wapniarski

"A SALE - wooo hooooooo, I'm so excited.  She's a dear woman who bought from my digital mall so it's a great start!
Our Thanksgiving was truly a good one - good food and fun for the family.  I counted you both as friends for whom I am thankful!  You are doing tremendous, creative "work" which you truly seem to love that brings peace and joy to our world.  Thank you."
Delee D'Arcy

"Hi!  We tried another headset and it worked! Yaaa!
I still need to finish the music but got the voice recorded. Thanks so much!
Thanks for all your help. Your customer service is great! "
Take care, Chantelle DeChazer



"Hi, I’m a new member and just received the first four CDs.  They are great.  In fact, I fell asleep last night listening to the Dream CD.  Guess it works!!" Pauline De Lozier

"I have made my own relaxation track by using your music and recording my voice. It is verrrry simple to do. Who would have thought 24 hours ago that I could have had this done by now? 
Working with The Chill Sessions media was so simple.

The video instructions laid everything out step by step. And whenever I wrote with a question, Glen was right there with an answer! His patience and guidance made creating a relaxation audio file a breeze! I didn't check for certain but I suspect that it took me less than 4 hours from start to finish to select the music, record my voice track, and create my own relaxation recording." Terri Abraham


"Hey Glenn,
Thanks for the mention in the newsletter. I feel really good about the personal service and support! It will make me happy when I do well enough to make it worth your while (as well as mine... and my clients!)" Don Carter



"Dear Glenn,

Thank you so very, very much for your extraordinary patience and humour tonight as you guided an absolute computer klutz through what could have been a very ugly and frustrating session.

So thank you for your amazing knowledge and wisdom and expertise and most of all your time, I really appreciate it.

And you saved my bacon by letting me get it all sorted and sent in time for tomorrow. So thanks again, and I am so glad that I have your wonderful assistance as well as your wonderful products.

Many Blessings to You,

Warmest regards,
Suzie Williams