Hello. Michele Downey welcomes you to your resource download page.

Please use these wonderful audios and videos, as they'll be a valuable and helpful resource for your wellness.  Enjoy them with my compliments.

You can choose any or all of these items, and I'll be adding new ones from time to time.

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Soothing Duo

Piano and pan flute with relaxing synth background
Just Mellow

Gently relaxing synth and guitar
Lavender Stream

Rhodes piano, synthesiser melody
48 Reflections

Relaxing, melodic keyboard and 12 string guitar
In The Sky Happy feel, soft sounds
Good Things Ahead

An anthem for the positive
Pebbled Sands

Soothing relaxation piece.  Lie on a sun-soaked beach
Tibetan Garden

Peaceful garden sounds with windchimes and Tibetan bowls
Past Days

Relaxing synth-based journey
Brand New Day Uplifting feel with electric piano
The Shore

Lush vocal sound with guitar and backing
Blue Gum Morning

Acoustic guitar, bass, drums, piano and strings


guided visualizations

 Body Relaxation (US)

North American female presentation of the 'Meditation Introduction'
Anxiety Release (US)

North American female presentation of the 'Anxiety' meditation
Meditation Introduction (US)

North American female presentation of the 'Meditation Introduction'
Meditation Sampler (US)

North American female presentation of the 'Meditation Sampler'