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your library of music

Each month we add new content to the library. You can mix and match any music to suit your needs. Each track has a small sample that you can play to preview the music.

We've loosely categorized each piece to help you make a selection.  All tracks are between seven and ten minutes long.

Remember that you can use any of the music pieces as a background to your own voice recordings.

Not sure how to listen to a sample or download music?


latest releases (october 2013)

Soothing Duo

Piano and pan flute with relaxing synth background
Just Mellow

Gently relaxing synth and guitar




latest releases (july 2013)

Ocean Dawn

A calming track, perfect for for breathing relaxations.



latest releases (january 2013)

Goan Get Your Groove On

A relaxing 'lounge' track with a sitar motif.
Drops Of Bliss

Pan flute and synth relaxation track.



latest releases (november 2012)

Outback Sunrise

The Aussie bush awakens. Didgeridoo and guitar.
Mermaids Call

A calming meditation track.




latest releases (february 2012)

Celestial Dreaming

A relaxing journey in the heavens.
Amazon Daybreak

A minimal relaxation track.



latest releases (january 2012)

After The Storm

Nice positive groove for relaxation
Zen Delight

Meditation or Yoga track with Tibetan Garden SFX
Zen Delight (music only)

As above, music only.  Great for your own meditations.


latest releases (july 2011)

Precious Drops

Uplifting and relaxing guitar theme, with light rain fx.



latest releases (june 2011)

Air On A G String

An uplifting classical tune from J.S. BACH



latest releases (may 2011)

Soaring Above The Andes

Pan flute theme high above South America


latest releases (april 2011)

Wyangla Dusk

Flute, woodlands atmosphere, piano and strings
Two Arms, One Core

Soothing ambient track of acoustic instruments


latest releases (december 2010)

Good Things Ahead

An anthem for the positive



latest releases (november 2010)


Beautiful acoustic guitar based tune
(Staring at the) Milky Way

The cosmos calls...


latest releases (october 2010)

Sheep May Safely Graze

Drift away with this gentle music.



latest releases (september 2010)


Drift away with this gentle music.
Pebbled Sands

Soothing relaxation piece.  Lie on a sun-soaked beach



latest releases (june 2010)

Pachelebel's Canon

A new-age version of this very popular classical piece.
Variations On Air

Great, relaxation piece.  J.S. Bach is the composer



latest releases (may 10)


A new-age version of this classical piece.
Tuesday Afternoon

Uplifting, arpeggio based theme



latest releases (mar 10)

Amongst The Sky

A languid, floating piano theme.




latest releases (feb 10)

To a Distant Sea

Meditative strings and kalimba



latest releases (dec 09)

Three Sixty

Bells and nylon guitar set the mood for relaxation


latest releases (october 09)

Tibetan Garden

Peaceful garden sounds with windchimes and Tibetan bowls
African Plains

The soothing rhythms and voices of Africa


latest releases (sept 09)

48 Reflections

Relaxing, melodic keyboard and 12 string guitar
Out Of Nowhere

Meditation piece with bells and groove


new age

Dolphin Ride

Lush synthesiser floats on the waves
Hubble's Journey

An outer space experience

Lush synthesiser with bells
Chakra Dawn

Synthesiser with a touch of India thrown in

Vibraphone with synthesiser

Rolling synthesiser with melody
Tune Out

Synthesiser tones to tune out with

Synthesiser with ocean effects
Elastic Dreams

Synthesiser with percussion

Smooth synth and groove for easy listening
Sea Solaris Ocean waves with a soft groove
Transition Soft synthesizer landscape
Raining Dreams Music and the sounds of the night
Pure Drift Soothing, gentle, meditation piece
Swirl lulls you to another place...
High Tide Three pieces welded into one
Hubble Continues

Melodic 'space' tune, for relaxation and imagination...
Past Days

Relaxing synth-based journey


Turning A Corner

Piano, violin and soft strings
Magic Garden

Piano with a soft melody
Time to Think

Piano, cello and strings
Ghost Gums

Piano melody over soft vocal, bass and drums
By the Lake

Piano melody with backing and soft synth
Lavender Stream

Rhodes piano, synthesiser melody
High Forest

Piano with soft sounds and percussion
Song for Bronwyn

Piano with strings
Summer Afternoon

Organ, guitar, bass, drums

Piano with bass, drums and soft backing sounds
Green Under Sun

Electric piano, bass, drums and soft synth
Flicker of Light A mix of electric & acoustic piano with strings
Awakening Soft sounds to strings & piano progression
 Song for Joan  Melodic piano and strings
Brand New Day Uplifting feel with electric piano
In The Sky Happy feel, soft sounds
Cloudwash Happy, easy feel
April Colors

Gentle piano features in this melodic piece

Relaxing piano-based tune for languid summer days...
Long Way Home

Mellow with electric piano


The Shore

Lush vocal sound with guitar and backing

Dobro, bass, drums and soft backing
Delee's Sunset

For Delee, guitar, synth, percussion, pan pipe
Blue Gum Morning

Acoustic guitar, bass, drums, piano and strings
East and West

Guitar, rhodes, bass, drums, tabla and voices
Reflecting Back

Nylon guitar, piano and soft synthesiser
Change of Season

Solo guitar

The sounds of wind with musical elements
Pastoral Change

Flute and guitar themes
Cool Morning

Think of cool morning air...
Alternate Direction Faster beat with droning guitar and synth
Passing Rain Music to the recording of a passing shower
Open Field Uplifting guitar piece
Ripples Gentle guitar and strings
Long Gone A reflective piano and acoustic guitar track
Road to Alicante

Lively, latin rhythm


To listen to a sample of each recording...

Just click the 'play' button of any of the little player above. It may take a few seconds for the audio to start playing depending on your link.

Here's what you do to download the files of your choice...

STEP 1: PC users... Place your mouse on the name of the track you want to download, right-click and select 'save target as' and choose the folder on your own computer where you want the files to be save to. For MAC users... hold down the 'control' key and select 'download file' then navigate to your chosen folder.

STEP 2: Click on the 'save' button, and your file will begin to transfer to your computer.  When it's all done, you'll get a 'download complete' message.  All good! 

STEP 3: Once your file is on your computer, you can add it to your itunes library and make CD's.

You can also watch this video for step-by-step instructions on downloading.


Remember if you have any trouble downloading, check out the 'how to'.




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