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AKG C3000 Microphone

Before we start, you must realise that any microphone that is used in audio production will require a way of getting in to your computer. You will need a special intermediate box such as the one used with Pro Tools (see review). This is not a microphone you plug in to your computer.

If you were considering recording your own voice to create new products based on the chill sessions music, you would be hard pressed to find a better value microphone.

This microphone is a trooper. It can handle a whole bunch of different instruments, but the good thing for us is, it’s great for voice too. AKG are a well-known microphone company in professional circles. They have been producing microphones since 1947 and have made some of the all time classics.

This is a sturdy microphone with a strong steel mesh to protect the diaphragm. The diaphragm (the element that moves under sound pressure) is a large 1” gold splattered type. The internal assemble is shock mounted and you can also buy a specific mount for the microphone to reduce any shock further. When I say shock I’m referring to things such as moving the microphone cable, or footstep vibrations travelling up the stand. Vibrations such as these cause low frequency ‘rumbles’ in all microphones. Don’t forget you’ll need a microphone stand as well.

The frequency response for this microphone is the full 20-20KHz, meaning it will easily capture every frequency in your voice. It also has a slight bump in the frequency response at about 8KHz, which is good for voice, giving it more presence.



This microphone requires phantom power. Ah! I hear you shriek, what’s that? It’s how all condenser microphones are powered and if you have a USB audio box such as Pro Tools Mbox, phantom power is there for you. If you don’t have one of those or an audio mixer, don’t buy this microphone until you do. Phantom power is supplied to the microphone via the cable; you don’t have to worry about it other than making sure it’s turned on!

As with most condensers, this microphone is sensitive. That means it hears everything! It can also handle big audio transients (going from soft to loud very quickly) well.

This is a professional microphone and is being used in studios all around the world. We’ve been using them for a few years now on all kinds of things. We’ve found it particularly nice on acoustic guitar.


With its good build and quality brand, you’ll get a lifetimes use from this microphone. It will take the knocks and screams and keep going. It’s not the top of the line in its class, you can pay much more, but for around $350.00 it is great value. It gets a thumbs up from us.


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