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how to... your video tutorials

As we've introduced you to the world of audio and video production, we feel it's our responsibility to show you how to do it properly. Most of the things you'll do are fairly easy as far as production goes, so don't be worried, we'll take you through it step by step.

Even if you consider yourself 'computer or technology challenged', in a short
time, you'll be a wizz at this!

Just have a look through our topics to find the information you need. You'll find a video and/or supporting text documents.

If you don't find the answer you need, please contact us straight away.  We can take you through your problem by email, or, arrange to give you a phone call at a convenient time.

Are you a MAC user?  Your videos are at the bottom of this page.  Don't be alarmed by the small number of them!  Macs have a lot of the software already built in.


February 09 Special For Members...

'Podcasting for Customers'.  This is a how-to guide for those of you who want to leverage your audio skills into podcasting.  A great way to expand your profile and set yourself as the expert.  Download the PDF file and have a read.  PC users right-click and select 'save target as' and MAC users, you guys control-click!

Do the click thing here


More info you can use...


How to set up your own account - so you can have your own
'pre-made'CD's (printed with YOUR logo and details)

How to join audio files together to make a longer track



Useful Links
(PC may want to watch these videos first)

Download 'itunes' here

Download 'audacity' software here

Download 'MediaFace' (PC) and 'Disc Label' (Mac)CD labeling software here


installing PC software

downloading and installing winzip (an application that creates small file sizes to download then extracts then to install the software on your computer)

install audacity (a free audio recorder/mixer)

install itunes


downloading music and audio

Downloading the music


making a CD

watch how easy it is to make a CD


watch Glenn show you in real time how to do it!

using mediaface labelling

watch how to make CD labels and covers

using mediaface online to create labels and covers

NEW!!!  NEATO version 4, for MACS


using  audacity

mix your own track in audacity

how to record your own voice and add it to the CD

getting audio levels right in audacity


MAC users

mac part 1

mac part 2

mac part 3

NEW!!!  NEATO version 4, for MACS




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