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Well, we got a nice surprise...

(Diana and Jennifer have been naughty...but thankyou)

There was a thud on the doorstep as a 'rare time-warp' was delivered.  We opened it and our heart rates went up.  What could possibly do this to two grown men?

OK, there's a few things, but it wasn't a Porsche or tickets to the upcoming Steely Dan concert (already got those!!)  This was even better.  Let me explain...

You see, Geoff and I are both tragic Beatlemaniacs.  So tragic in fact, that we even name our studio hard drives after them.  First, there was John, Paul, George and Ringo, then we got onto their manager (Eppy) then their producer (Sir George), then their roadies (Mal and Neil)...I'm sure you get the picture.  Our archive drives are named after famous venues, like Candlestick Park.  We've recently installed 'eggman' and 'the fool' - from what songs?????

Dr Diana Walcutt and Dr Jennifer Fee (two of the first three to join TCS), sent us this great thankyou gift.  Totally unnecessary but totally appreciated.  Thankyou ladies. Too cool.  Diana and Jennifer have created a great CD (more on that later) using "The Chill Sessions", and we get a real kick out of being part of it.

It's fantastic getting to know you, so remember - all you have to do is ask!!

So, here we are holding the rare recordings of their 1962 auditions - just before they had their first hits.

We met Sir George Martin (legendary Beatles producer) a few years back.  That's us and our better halves getting the photo- opp with him!!

I've been lucky enough to train with a couple of engineers who were themselves trained by Sir George. 

We kinda met Paul when he played at Sydney about 10 years ago...I asked for an autograph and he replied (kinda looking in my direction) "I'll do it inside, just hand them to my mate".  Not that I remember it word for word or anything like that!!!

So, from Beatle tragics, a big thanks to Diana and Jennifer.


A close-up of the CD





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