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Overcoming Insomnia Package

Recent statistics show that insomnia is on the increase, which means there are people out here who can use your help.

So, to help you make the community aware of how you can help, and give them more information about insomnia, we've put together this pack that includes:

"Overcoming Insomnia- learn to sleep like a baby":  this is a book that you can attach your name to

Insomnia information sheet: you can hand this to clients to give them more info.  Useful if they, or someone they knows has a problem with sleeping.  Remember to add YOUR DETAILS to the document and re-save.

Insomnia press release: this is already formatted in press release fashion.  MAKE SURE YOU CHANGE the stuff in red, and re-save the document.  Your local papers and magazines (don't forget health groups such as local Diabetes chapters etc) are always looking for material for their publications.  Contact the editor in the health/lifestyle/medical departments and talk to them, or fax in your press release.

Get yourself out there as the expert.  There will be a great number of people suffering with insomnia,
and unless they hear about you, they won't know where to go for help.

Now, you have a number of audio and video resources available to you to use with this package.

#1... the 'dream' DFY CD.  Get these, put together with the book and info sheet and you have an extremely valuable asset for your practice.

#2...the 'sleep' spoken word recording and relaxation music.  Compile these in itunes and make your own customized CD.

#3... compile a video (this is perfect to create one using the still images - this is in your video coaching) that has music and soothing images.  Obviously not to be used when your eyes should be closed!!  Instead, this can be a companion product to be used BEFORE going to bed.

Alrighty, here's the files you need.  They're all Microsoft word documents.  PLEASE REMEMBER TO CHANGE/ADD YOUR DETAILS TO THESE FILES AND RE-SAVE!!!!!!!

PC users: righ-click on the title and select 'save as'.  MAC users, control-click.

Overcoming Insomnia book

insomnia information sheet

insomnia press release

The DFY option...


Here's one for the insomniacs.  Eight tracks in all. The first four get you relaxed and the last four are peaceful music tracks to help sleep take over the body.

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