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Kathy Evans

As you're now getting very good at recording your own voice, we decided to ask a professional voice person to give you some tips - not only on your presentation, but
this is also great business-building info...

Ever been asked to make a presentation? Do you get tongue tied talking about your business? This lady is here to help…because it could make or break you.

Kathy Evans has been involved in the management of voice artists and commercial audio production for over 30 years, and was instrumental in establishing the first voice management agency in Australia.

Kathy has many years business experience and is spreading her wisdom with a personal and business coaching system that helps you achieve your goals. It's called Coach Plus.

When you watch this video, Kathy will explain what an important role the voice plays in your business.  You'll learn about how to get your voice ready for that important meeting and how to make your client feel more at ease. Kathy will also tell you how your voice can get you in to trouble. You won’t want to miss that one!

Just click on the play button. It will take about ten seconds for the video to start.



Click here to watch the second part of the interview with Kathy

If you would like to contact Kathy, here are her details.



Phone: +612 9975 4677

Kathy is a lovely person and I'm sure she can help you realise some of your personal and business goals.




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