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Everything you ever wanted to know about SKYPE!!.

OK!  Apart from FREE calls, cheap calls, and instant chat -what else can Skype do for your business communications???

Skype is a great tool, not just for your business, but in general communications (read: phone calls) with family and friends.  Using the power of the Internet, you can now make calls to just about anywhere, for very little cost - even free.  In this article, we'll tell you about Skype, how to use it and how to set it up...

You may have hear the term 'VOIP' in the media lately.  This stands for 'Voice Over Internet Protocol'.  Plainly speaking, it just means you can use the internet like a telephone line.  All you need is a a handset (phone), and a piece of software to make it all happen.

And that's all that Skype is.  An easy to use piece of FREE software that let's you use the internet like a phone line. 

DON'T WORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You don't need to understand all the number-crunching that goes on in the background!!  Just how to use it.  And if you can use your normal phone, then that's all the skill you need.

So, what does it do??   

Well, with Skype installed on your computer, you need to register as a Skype user.  This let's you call other Skype users for free, anywhere in the world, as often and for as long as you like.  When you register, instead of a phone number, you'll get a Skype name - ours are hullabalooglenn and chillsessionsgeoff.

You can add names of other users to your contact book - this is the same as a rolodex.

But wait, there's more.  MUCH more!

Say you want to call someone on a normal phone.  Well, you can do this easily - and very, very cheaply.  It's done with what's called: 'Skype Credits'.  This is where you deposit a small amount of $$ into your Skype account.  This is about $15.  Now, you can call cell phones, and make international calls.

This is how we do our support calls for The Chill Sessions.  And it costs us only 2.3 cents per minute.


2.3 cents per minute.  Do you think it's worth getting to know Skype now??

And there's still more (I should be on a a commission!!)  You can also instant message to other Skype users, PLUS send files to them.  How about using Skype to send an audio to your clients?  Got you thinking now?

Alrighty then.  All you need to do is download and install Skype - remeber it's free to do this.  You only need $$ if you want to make calls to 'non-Skype' phones (this is called making a 'Skype-out' call).

BIG TIP >>> you'll be able to Skype us for questions/suggestion/ have a chat!!

To download, just click here to go to the official download page.  When open run the .exe file (this is the file you download), you'll see a very helpful 'what to do next' page, that takes you through the 'wizard' to get you set up.  When you're done, you call a test number and listen to a very nice UK voice telling you all is well. 

So now you have really cheap access to teleseminars and conferences,  overseas contacts, and other tools - oh, and us, too!

So get to it and set up your own Skype.  It'll also make things very easy for our upcoming 'user vault' - but more on that later.

Additional info: we find it's best to use a headset type mic and earphone.  If you need more info on those, check out this article to see what we mean.






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