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How To Deal With The Stress Of Running A Business

Okay, You've started your own private practice. Now the stress begins.

It's great to have that freedom in working for ourselves and not having to deal with a boss that doesn't appreciate all your hard work you do every day.

In fact, if he's like a lot of bosses - they probably didn't give you any credit for what you did, but expected you to do twice as much as you have to do. Well now that you don't have to deal with that situation any longer, you now have to deal with the everyday stress of having your own small business!

First off, if you've started a business that you can do from your own home, that's definitely a plus. But what are the downfalls of it? Here's a few ways to help you in running a small business...

One of the things that I have to do is talk on the phone a lot. Well what I do to keep from getting so stressed is to every hour, just step away from the phone for a couple of minutes and just relax. Talking on the phone a lot strains my throat at the end of the day so I have to take those short breaks.

It's good to keep some ice water to keep at your desk. I have to repeat the same thing over and over again on the phone for my small business. I soon found out that I was really getting board with this plus it hurt my throat at the end of the day. I decided to go over what I had to say on the phone to the customer.

I changed a few words around to make it to where I could talk to my customer without sounding like I was a recording. I soon found out that I started enjoying what I was doing and my small business was now starting to work for me without being so stressed.

After all what's the sense in having your own business if you are going to be as stressed out as you were working for someone else.

Stress can make you and your family's life miserable if you let it get out of hand. So try to think of different ways to help you not only keep from going through a lot of stress, but also learn how to really enjoy running a small business.

If you have a small child at home try to think of different things that will keep your child entertained while you're working. Depending on their age you could give them some little things to do around the house. Keeping your child calm will help you keep calm so you can make your small business work for you.

Besides, chores are good for a child. At least at the end of the day they'll feel like they've really accomplished something that has been helpful to you. So then your child feels good at the end of the day and so do you.

Be persistent daily and you'll make your small business work for you.




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