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'Eliminate Stress' - Complete Product Package

Stress!!!!!   Time. Noise. People. Family. Work.  And the big one right now...
Finance and Money.  It's affecting just about everyone, so this is a package for you to help as many people as you can quickly - because just about everything is done for you. 

All  you have to so is change the text in RED in the documents, and they're ready to go.  Of course, you can 'season to taste' by adding your won info and style, but these will give you  a great head-start.

(PC users: right-click on the title and select 'save as'.  MAC users, control-click.)

"Eliminate Stress and Anxiety":  this is a book that you can attach your name to

"Stress" information sheet: you can hand this to clients to give them more info.  Useful if they, or someone they knows has a problem with stress, tension or anxiety. 

Remember to add YOUR DETAILS to the document and re-save.

"Stress" press release: this is already formatted in press release fashion.  MAKE SURE YOU CHANGE the stuff in red, and re-save the document.  Your local papers and magazines (don't forget health groups such as local Diabetes chapters etc) are always looking for material for their publications.  Contact the editor in the health/lifestyle/medical departments and talk to them, or fax in your press release.

Get yourself out there as the expert.  There will be a great number of people suffering with stress,  and unless they hear about you, they won't know where to go for help.

Now, you have a number of audio and video resources available to you to use with this package.

***(Don't forget the 'Ezywalk' complete walking exercise program.  As mentioned ion the info sheet, regular exercise is a great way to reduce stress, so make sure you recommend this as part of your solution.***

#1... Choose form the selection of pre-recorded spoken word, or use the scripts to record your own.  Or, write your own and record it.  Remember too, it's a good idea to record your own 'how to use guide/introduction to add to the CD.

#2...Select and or all of the DFY range, as they can all be sued for stress management.  Have these ready-to-go, complete with the info sheet, and let your client choose a CD

#3... make use of the videos.  the 'Newport' relaxation 3 minute clip is a perfect companion, but all are relaxation tools.  Get into the habit of making your own introduction and adding it on to the video.

Content suggestions...

Spoken Word:

Breath Meditation  [script]

Reducing Stress  [script]

Stress Buster  [script]

Body Relaxation 

Beach Visualisation

Anxiety  [script]

Music: (you know there's a big selection, but this will get you started...)

Gentle Rain
Summer Afternoon
Dolphin Ride
Cool Morning


"Newport" - 'relaxation'

"Lake Louise" - short

Either or all of the DFY CD's will work with your stress pack.  ('dream' for Insomnia can also be inluded)



Let's reduce stress.  This CD starts with a few meditations designed to relieve stress. We then move on to a few visualizations which will leave the everyday behind. Lastly, a few music tracks to allow the listener to let the mind settle and relax.

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"Endless Sky"

This CD starts with a meditation to reduce anxiety. We move on to some visualizations and finally music to relax with.

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"Gentle Stream"

Four guided visualizations start this CD getting the listener in to the right mode. From there we have a selection of music to keep them relaxed.

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