Frequently Asked Questions...

These are the most common questions (and our responses) hat we've received since opening the doors to the membership.  More specific questions - such as one pertaining to your actual computer setup and requirements etc - are all answered via email or phone call.

Question:  What do you mean by 'self-funding' subscription?

Answer:  Your subscription should be viewed as an investment, NOT an expense.  That means, you should be getting a return on your spending.  Most private practitioners have great skills and extensive knowledge, but find the business aspects of their practice daunting.

Marketing your business is the way you get clients and sell products - creating more revenue and profits.  Any marketing you do should give you a return on your investment, whether it's a classified advertisement, an internet placed ad, TV or radio spot.

It's easy to make your membership self funding. All you need to do is sell 1 CD per week and get 1 new client a month by using your products in your marketing (such as a CD Business Card).  That means all your other sales are pure profit, and gifts you may give to clients are free, building your credibility and community profile.

So you never need to be 'out of pocket' as a member.

Question:  Can I cancel if I decide I don't want to continue.

Answer:  Yes, absolutely.  Your first 30 days is 100% Money-Back Guaranteed.  If you decide not to continue in this period, just let us know and we'll refund your initial subscription.  Even if you sell some products within tis time. 

We understand you'd like to get a complete and proper look at what's available.

After your 30 days, you can cancel at anytime.  Please note, our terms of service are explicit about the resell license to the content.  You only have access to the resell license while you are a subscribing member.  To be can't use the content unless you are a subscribing member.

Question: How do I get in touch if I need help?

Answer:  Support is via email initially.  If you'd like to chat over the phone or Skype, you just let us know and we arrange a convenient time with you.  Likewise for one-on-one remote training.

Remote training is where we connect to your computer via the internet.  We can then coach you by showing exactly where to click to make your products, or setup the recoridng software for you.

In the case of the 'Hands-Free CD' production, we do all the operating for you, so you can concentrate on your presentation.

We value your membership, and believe extreme customer service is the best way to prove that.  You don't stay in business for over 20 years by treating your customers and clients poorly.

We answer your email usually within 8 hours, but certainly no longer than 24 hours (except the usual weekend hours!).

Question: What do I need to do this?

Answer: Most of the software you need is already on your computer.  This is particularly true for MAC users.  PC users need a free audio program called 'Audacity' (we show you where to get it and how to install and use it). 

You'll also need a microphone to record with. MAC users already have one installed, that is more than adequate.  PC users will need to get one, and we provide suggestions - generally around the $30 mark.

For video, you'll need to spend $25 for the editing and DVD software we show you how to use.

The software we use for making CD's is called 'iTunes' - this is also f*ree and we get you going with that as well.  Any computer that's 3 years old or less will be capable...a cd burner, a printer.

If you choose the 'Done For You'  CD's, or the 'Handsfree' CD's, these are $2.95 each (manufactured, pronted and wrapped in cellophane) plus delivery.  Generally about $3.50 each delivered in the USA.

Question: "I want to do this, but is it easy?"

Answer:  You probably got this above, but it is "1-2-3 click" easy.  Plus, there are huge benefits to creating personalized content for your clients.  The 'DFY' option is designed to get you started within minutes.  You just select which titles you want, and how many you want, place the order, then expect delivery in about 4 days.

As for the rest of the options - it is easy - you just follow exactly the video tutorials, which take you through every step.  Or, you can request remote support and coaching - all inclusive in your subsctiption.

To be honest, once you've made one CD or done one recording, you'll wonder why you thought it was scary!  The benefits of spending (make that 'investing') an hour or two into learning these skills will be huge for both your Practice growth and your clients.

Question: How do I actually make money from this?

Answer: You can do this in a number of ways.  You can sell the products.  Order DFY CD's or compile your own and sell these to clients or the public.  Apart from a great add-on for your clients, they also make a great gift for their family and friends.

You can use the products to bring in new clients.  Use them as CD business cards...introduce yourself and let people know how you can help them.  Give them out whenever you talk to someone about your practice, or send one after receiving an enquiry by phone.

People love to get a valuable free gift.  They perceive the value as at least $15, but you've paid only around $2.  This is VERY effective marketing.

You can also package a product with your services.  Like this..."Book 4 sessions and you'll get a complimentary CD valued at $15".  This is a great way to add value, so you get more clients.

Start your own 'private label' complete product range of audio and video.  Mix and match to create your own selection of tracks, or choose our ready to go 'playlists' - tracks that we've combined to make themed CD's.  Many members have done this to increase their internet presence and to create a revenue stream from products with high profit, and ultra low startup costs.