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More Music...

strings & soft sounds with rhythm
Night Rain

A mix of soft synthesiser with bass & drums
Endless Sea

Soft synthesiser with bass and drums
Gentle Rain

Strings with backing, into a soft melody
Meadow Song

Strings with a percussion, bass and vibraphone
Looking Down

Strings and soft voices
The Blue Planet

Strings, French Horn and synthesisers
Square Rigged

String melody with repeating bass line
Into Orbit

Blast off, then relax in the sounds of space

Soft Synthesiser

Imagine you're spacewalking...
Over Land, Over Sea

Strings with soft pipes and bells
Underwater Time

Synthesiser with harp

Strings with synth, bells & vocal sounds
Easy Does It

Relaxation for calming the mind and body
Direction Change Takes you on musical direction changes
Night Song Peaceful harp and strings to get you sleeping
Old To New

Soothing relaxation piece suitable as a stand alone track or under your voice reordings
Clair De Lune

A relaxing rendition of this classic
Amazing Grace An uplifting rendition of the classic tune
pan pipes, flute
Mountain to Valley & Back

Pan pipe with soft backing
To the Mountain

Pan pipe with shimmering synth

Synthesiser with pan pipe and vocal sounds
Kanan Days

Indian flute, tabla and western instruments
Rishikesh Retreat

Sitar, tabla and western instruments
Gregorian Mood

Chants from a male choir with music
Grasshopper Japanese influenced soft melody & backing

Native -America meets new-age
Tanpura Harvest An Eastern/Indian inspired relaxation
Vocal Cultures Chanting and soft vocals
Root Tantra Chant

Gyuto Monks chanting, 20 minute meditation track

binaural beats

Not sure what we're talking about? You need to check out the story first.

Ocean Delta    
Ocean Theta    
Tone Beta    
Tone Alpha    


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