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More Spoken Word...


special tracks for the 'exam and study stress' CD


Relieve Study Stress Intro sample coming Explains the CD and concept
Relieve Study Stress sample coming In depth discussion on causes of stress
Understanding Procrastination  sample coming All about why we put things off
The Future  sample coming Guided relaxation for what happens next

To listen to a sample of each recording...

Just click the 'play' button of any of the little player above. It may take a few seconds for the audio to start playing depending on your link.

Here's what you do to download the files of your choice...

STEP 1: PC users... Place your mouse on the name of the track you want to download, right-click and select 'save target as' and choose the folder on your own computer where you want the files to be save to. For MAC users... hold down the 'control' key and select 'download file' then navigate to your chosen folder.

STEP 2: Click on the 'save' button, and your file will begin to transfer to your computer.  When it's all done, you'll get a 'download complete' message.  All good! 

STEP 3: Once your file is on your computer, you can add it to your itunes library and make CD's.

You can also watch this video for step-by-step instructions on downloading.


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